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Why You Need To Blog?

There are millions of smart work from home moms with young children who want to advocate positive changes in their lives through blogging. Blogging helps you create balance in an unbalanced world. What makes you think you can have peace with the kids demanding just for anything at home?


How do you work and advertise yourself, while filling in the demands of motherhood? Blogs cross borders, ages, races, and classes. Although it is a conversation between you and yourself at first, that speaks with a breadth of richness about what is going on with your side of the world, your blog can actually get you some cash.


Take note that your online voice and the way you use it matters. Strip your voice of negativity and let the true you shine on your digital life. Life and parenting can be both anxiety and happiness, so better take off the anxiety and let the true meaning of motherhood theme be shown on your blog.


There are blogs out there for just about everything, right? News, sports, entertainment and all kinds of hobbies, but what about for busy moms?

Often when moms are up in the middle of the night feeding their babies, it’s something many decide could be an answer to help pass time. Those who really get into it, find a huge community to share the ups and downs of motherhood, not to mention, some mommy bloggers are making some big bucks doing it.

It’s a cool opportunity that didn’t exist for our parents 30 years ago. Mommy blogging might be a lot of fun at times, but it is a job and each blogger has goals like growing their following. Sometimes, when they find the right advertisers or sponsors, it can actually help pay the bills.

Once in a while, moms can make a ton of money posting just one thing. A national sponsor might do something that’s like say $500 for a sponsored post, where a local company might be like a partial trade.

If you like writing, connecting and sharing your story, you could be the next mommy blogger.


It is very difficult to make a blanket statement about moms who blog, but most them share some commonalities, and that is to pass their time while some bucks pass through their blogs. Most moms started out with the same story – they do not have any idea where their blogs would take off and often wondered how the heck to turn their blogs into an income that can ultimately justify the time spent for writing and research.


Interestingly, as the blogs became more successful, the somewhat similar blogs became more and more different from each other. Some have turned their personal musings into consulting firms, brand ambassadorships, blog networks, online e-commerce stores, and even book and movie deals.


Bloggers with strong platforms and strong personal brands are the most sought after personalities in the blogosphere. With these advantages, you can attract opportunities that suit your blogging business the most, which may come in the form of sponsorship and advertising dollars to even job offers.


Blogs started out as personal online journals written from a very personal point of view. For some writers blogging about subjects you would normally talk only with close friends may not come naturally and may take some time to find the blogging voice. Your personal style of writing reflects who you really are creates an engaging content that others may love to read.


Share your experiences in a way that would resonate your readers. However, building an influential blog is different from building a successful business. It would be wise to find a business model that can work for you and your business goals.


The best way to increase your influence is to write about what you love, and not merely working on increasing your influence. Are you familiar with the word passion? Your passion can get you the amount of money you want to generate out of blogging.


What are the secrets to blogging yourself to a 6 figure income? Quitting out your real day job is not something that I should recommend for the first two years of blogging. There are plenty others for whom has taken a lot longer, and some hasn’t worked at all.


Blogging is not a get rich quick tactic, because truly it takes time to build a profitable blog. You do not just become a profitable blogger overnight. But yes, you can make a lot of money from blogging. Patience is a virtue and the key to making that money online.


Attract blog sponsors and let them come to you. Of course, you have to write a post that you are interested in finding a sponsor for your blog. Build your traffic and the exposure will lead you to advertisers who are interested in reaching your readership through advertising.


Create an advertising page, explain the options you make available for sponsors, list prices, payment methods, traffic statistics about your blog, talk about the demographics you attract to your blog and what benefits you provide to potential sponsors.


Think about organizations or businesses who would stand to benefit from advertising on your blog, then email them and ask if they would like to sponsor your site. This can be a very hit and miss process, but it works.


If you can’t think of any potential sponsors, let Google do the work for you. Stick some Google AdSense ads on your site and wait a few days/weeks while Google gets used to your content. Eventually Google will determine contextually what ads match your content well. Take a look at these ads and if appropriate, consider contacting the sponsors directly to see if they might like to purchase banners or text link campaigns on your site in addition to the AdSense campaign they already run.


You can earn income directly from your blogs through the following

  • Advertising
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Paid reviews


Blogs that stay still, do not get cared for, or are obviously built with automated content will ultimately decline and disappear. When a blog attracts no visitors, the blogger will not earn income.


Blogs can become legitimate and influential mainstream just like the newspapers and magazines. Blogging is one way to earn money online even while you sleep. If you are a mom trying to meet the ends meet, I advise you start a blog now.

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