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Sewing + Cross Stitching Home Business For Stay At Home Moms

The web s overflowing with sites telling you can make money from home, but it is also full of garbage out there. Sometimes, it can be frustrating to look for legitimate jobs you may work and fulfill from home. Although none of this options can make you rich, they are good in putting some extra cash for food.


Be a seamstress. Sewing at home is a very profitable venture. Do you have the skill and the sewing machine to make it possible for you to earn a little cash from home? I would not say you really have to make the pattern and sew the whole dress.


Clothing alteration business is an in thing nowadays. By making the right alterations to a cheap suit, it can fit like a designer original. Many turn to a seamstress for their alterations and repairs, but seamstresses are becoming harder to find because sewing is becoming a lost art. An alteration business can be very lucrative once you have mastered the necessary sewing skills. This can be done by reading sewing books or attending sewing classes. Try becoming an apprentice to a professional seamstress, and learn the skill firsthand.


You can start this business on a small scale and then expand to a medium or large scale so as to accommodate the number of clients that you would be required to handle. You would also need to employ more hands to help you once the business expands. Ensure that you are located close to fashion houses or boutiques.


Clothing alteration business is a very tedious one as it requires much patience and concentration, no matter how much of an experienced seamstress or tailor you are. If you love sewing and have a great deal of passion and pay attention to detail then this is a business for you.


You can start a small business by taking advantage of your sewing skills. By offering services, such as clothing repair, custom tailoring and button replacement, you can create a steady income with a business that has returning customers. You have the choice of starting as a home-based business or setting up shop in a retail location. Your success will depend on the quality of your marketing and customer service, as well as the quality of your work.


Check your equipment. You must have a commercial-grade sewing machine that can stand up to repeated use as well as a variety of fabrics. Make sure the machine is in good repair and establish a relationship with someone who can do routine maintenance on it. You must also have a second machine in case your main machine goes out of service temporarily. The backup machine does not have to be as expensive or heavy-duty as your primary machine, but it should be reliable enough for you to use to complete orders. Your equipment is the core of your business, so even if you buy used equipment, make sure it is the best quality you can afford.


Market your company by partnering with other businesses. Visit local laundry services and dry cleaners and offer to give them 10 percent of every order that comes through a referral from them. Post flyers on bulletin boards at laundromats. Offer clothing stores your alteration services; their customers might need custom hemming and fitting. This can improve the clothing store’s service while providing you with new customers. If you have a reliable vehicle, you can offer a pickup and delivery service.


Retain customers. Always cultivate repeat customers. Do this by following up with a phone call to see if a customer was satisfied with your work. Also offer to fix any problems with your work at no extra charge. Offer discounts to repeat customers, and send out postcards regularly to remind them that you appreciate their business.


Love to Sew? Start a Side Business Offering Clothing Alterations


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