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Make Money From Home Answering Incoming Calls

Choose the right number range and you can earn some additional money from your incoming calls. You can set up a revenue generating number to answer calls, especially cold calls. You get paid every time you answer the phone. Businesses normally take advantage of these numbers.


There are a few different revenue generating number ranges available. Each has a differing payout and cost to the customer. The reason businesses use this is to help offset their running costs.


Any revenue generated contributes to the training and ongoing costs of having expert staff available on the phone, which enables them to offer a higher level of support than before.


With the exception of the specialist 090 number range, most revenue generating numbers don’t pay out a lot to the operator of the number enough to justify using them as pure money making scheme.


Another reason to use a revenue generating numbers is a little more subtle – using one with even a small charge to the caller can psychologically put people off from calling. This helps cut down on call volume frees up more time to deal with enquiries.

All revenue generating number ranges are also non-geographic, so can be used nationwide. They are easily recognised and can help businesses appear more professional.


How are revenue generating numbers used with Callagenix services?

The good news is that no matter which range you choose, you can combine your new revenue generating number with any of our hosted phone services.

If you go for an 0844, 0871 or 0872 number, you have the option of connecting it to our Basic Service. This is a simple redirect to an existing UK landline (01 or 02 number) and there is no charge for this.

If you want to divert calls to your mobile or abroad, or if you want to handle the calls in more sophisticated ways, then you’ll need to use your number with our Advanced Service. You can then use our various hosted services as building blocks, combining them to create the ideal call handling service for your requirements.

090 numbers can only be used with our Advanced service, even if you only want to divert calls to a landline.

If you need help deciding, you can start off with a Basic Service and upgrade later, or else just get in touch and we’ll advise you on the best options.

How are funds paid?

Now for the fun part!

Full details on how you are paid any funds generated can be found on this page.

To give you a quick summary, Basic Service payments are paid monthly in arrears, usually directly into your bank account. There is a £100 minimum payment threshold.

If you are using our Advanced Services, you can either use the accumulated funds to offset your account running costs, or have them paid monthly in arrears into your bank account.



Revenue generating numbers are an option worth considering, helping to keep costs down for businesses and callers alike.

Of course, there are other choices available should a revenue generating number not be the right fit. For promotional purposes a Freephone number is usually a good choice, whilst a regular 01/02 number (or the non-geographic equivalent 03 number) is a safe and reliable option for just about all circumstances.

Whichever number type you choose, and however you need to handle your calls, we can help you find the best solution for your unique requirements. Contact us today.


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