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Affordable Online Market Trading $1 Minimum Investment

I can’t believe it myself. The minimum investment for IQBroker is $1 and upon sign up, you get a free $10,000 demo account. Experience earning big time and withdraw your money in an instant using a wide range of available payment systems. The site allows you fast and convenient withdrawals.

Select an instrument like the exchange traded fund (EFT).

Specify the invested amount. Invest as little as $1 to start.

Practice on a free demo account. Learn the best strategies.

Invest successfully and get profit. Earn a profit.

Minimum deposit is $10.

The site is supported in 18 languages 24/7. From 2013 to 2014, the number of transactions made per day increased by almost 70 times and from 2015 to 2017 it grew by another 2.5 times.

In 2016, the site switched to instant withdrawals, which made it possible to process 68% of withdrawal requests immediately. The average time for processing a withdrawal request is one day.

In 2017, traders withdrew 1.8 times more money from the platform than during the previous year. They are constantly improving their order processing system and reaching new performance milestones every year.

Affiliate program

If you do not know how to profit from stock trading, you can profit as an affiliate by introducing the website to your friends and relatives. Their unique affiliate program gives you the highest profit.

Their affiliate program gives the most profitable offer in any affiliate program, which includes a share of the broker’s profit. Affiliates receive up to 70% of the revenue from their clients’ activity over the entire lifetime on the platform.

If you have a website or blog or you purchase internet traffic, you can publish your affiliate link on your site or ad. You receive up to 70% of the broker’s profit according to your client’s trading activity.

Twice a month, the site pays your earnings using your preferred payment system. They automatically transfer your earnings to your preferred online payment option.

No balance deductions and you get to analyze your results in real time using convenient reports and data filters. Payments are sent within 3 business days twice a month.

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